About Our Bipeds

We live with two wonderful animal loving bipeds. They are so wonderful we even let them sleep with us. On occasion, we even share our steak with them. They love us and we love them.

They help us with the manufacturing process because most of the machines we use to make our t shirts are not built for use with paws. Actually, we have am amazing symbiotic relationship and they NEED us. With out us, their laps would be totally underutilized.

Let's face it. Without dogs and cats, bipeds would be wondering the earth with a lot less love than they have with them.

A word from our bipeds: We have had dogs and cats since we were very young. They have graced our lives and and given us unconditional love. With out them, we would not be whole. In honor of them all, in order of appearance they are: Heidi, a Dachshund; Moon Unit, a Beagle; Foxey, a Sheltie; Smidgen, a mixed cat; Tigress, a mixed cat; Wookie and Ewok, Twin Sister Teddy Bear Dogs.